Sunday, March 9, 2008

A New Look and Two Stumbles

I finally changed the blog template today. I found this clear template at FinalSense. This is exactly what I was looking for. A clutter-free design and increased reading area. The original blogger template was darker- something which I had never liked. In terms of creativity, I am as good as English, August's Tamse and hence the easy choice of not creating my own theme. Now I am looking to put a picture in the header and make the title section visually pleasing.

I discovered a couple of very cool blogs in the past few days which I want to mention here. The first one is Helloji. Go here for some light-hearted fun and discussion on all things Indian. Second is Stuff White People Like. This is, and my opinion is shared by almost all white people I consider my friends, is a much hilarious blog. To truly appreciate it, I think you would have to have lived in amreeka for sometime but I think it is fun even if you are not able to catch all the subtleties.


rickshawdiaries said...


The layout looks great - I really like the light look and increased space.

If you liked SWPL, you might be interested in these spin-offs:

Enjoy! :)


Huzefa Mukadam said...


Thanks for the links. I am onto reading the Indian stuff already..