Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Kite Runner - Movie

Just finished watching the movie. It is a very lovingly made film I think. The director Marc Foster's other movie I have watched is Finding Neverland and I found that too, charming in its own way.

The child actors who play Hassan and Amir are very good cast and I enjoyed listening them speak Farsi among other things. After reading the book a long time ago I had thought that Khaled Hosseini had gone a little over the top towards the end and made it too dramatic. And since it was a long time ago, I had forgotten the events when Amir goes to Afghanistan. To my pleasant surprise, I did not feel the same way about the movie. It was all good - the redemption of Amir and his running kites for Sohrab.

The character which stuck me the most in both the book and the movie is Amir's father. To see him leave his country - never to come back and build a new life in America, raising Amir and his hope of seeing Amir become a doctor was moving.

I am surprised that the movie has not become as popular as the book.