Thursday, October 25, 2007

good and BAD

The good news:

1. BSE Sensex crossed 19,000 points recently.
2. Our economy continues to grow at a 9% rate.
3. We are going to make the nuclear energy deal with America.
4. We are the T20 champions.

The bad news:
1. We are below Ethiopia on the global hunger index.

2. We have the highest maternal mortality rate.

3. The perpetrators of Gujarat and Bombay riots still go scot free. They even have the gall to brag about taking the foetus out of a pregnant woman.



neha said...

It is d way of seeing a glass half full or half empty
CHOICE IS YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!

pujamulchandani said...

well according to ur BLOG>>>>>>>>>>>
GOOD OR BAD..........

I think we are more of a good than bad........

As there are 4 good points and 3 bad points........

The day will come when the ratio will be of 5 good and 1 bad.........
well we only have a work a bit more harder and honestly.........