Sunday, September 9, 2007

Shehrullah Mubarak

Wikipedia tells me that the word Ramazan derives from an Arabic word meaning intense heat and scorched ground. I had not thought about the origin of the word till recently and I am a little surprised at its literal meaning. We pay so much attention to the fact that Ramazan is the holiest of the months in the calendar year that sometimes this simple meaning and its significance is lost.

The weather in all the Arab land is more or less dry and very hot throughout the year and I can see the difficulty of keeping rozas for thirty days in such hostile conditions. But may be that physical pain is a part of the larger purification process which all rozdars invariably go through during the month. Calm and serenity and a feeling of oneness pervades all of us for the whole month. I wish that could be the case for the rest of eleven months too.

Shehrullah Mubarak!

Notice the Mubarak? I am happy that Ramazan are beginning in a couple of days.


Did you know that the author of this blog was born on the night of Lailatul Kadr during Ramazan? :-)


Alefyah said...

Sherullah Mubarak to you too! You are indeed blessed to be born in this holy month AND on the night of power. God bless you! :)

Baraka said...

Salaam & Ramadan kareem!

Thanks for your note on T&B -
you may find my new blog, here:


Baraka said...

Salaam -

The link should be fixed now, insha-Allah. Thanks for letting me know!

In case you run into any problems again on my blog, you can find it on SBIA's website. Just scroll down to the sermon link on the left column.


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